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Effective January 1, 2023

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Scott Duffy

Business Strategist and Serial Entrepreneur

James Reid

MLB Pro Athlete Peak Performance Coach

Rich Goldstein

Patent Attorney and Actor

Anastasia Emberger

Agency Owner

(AI Mastermind Attendee)

Jason Isaac

Branch Partner, ABC Supply

"We turned a six-figure revenue bump after working with Natalee for 12 weeks and our customer satisfaction ratings for our branch were 100% this quarter.

We were able to fire a toxic employee and rally the sales team to create a high performance culture. Her coaching and strategic consulting is a God-send!"

James Reid

MLB Pro Athlete Peak Performance Coach

"Natalee saved me from a $25,000 marketing mistake. I hired Natalee to quarterback my rebranding and marketing efforts while breaking into the expert industry. Her insight into my personal genius led me to what I'm doing today.

She is my go to for disrupting the noisy market with her strategic advice."

Curtis Beesley

President of Mentors International (Non-Profit)

"Natalee's led the renaming and rebranding our organization. During that time she worked with our significant private donors to create strategic decisions and solutions to our brand and marketing needs. She was often the voice of reason during an emotional transition for us.

We trust her and recommend her highly to anyone looking to work with her."

Thea Blystone

Pharmacist / Entrepreneur

"Natalee built an AI Persona and my first 100% AI

LinkedIn post reached over 5k people and had over 40 likes and engagements.  

This works! And I didn’t have any time at all in reaching that many folks!  I ended up adding $37,600 in new pipeline opportunity from that one post.

A few of them followed up with me in DMs or new emails from website exposure! "


We offer a uniquely rigorous and customized approach that can't be found anywhere else online. We provide the depth and nuance required to develop meaningful brand strategy that other consulting and coaching programs simply can't match.

Consider us Sherlock Holmes, and we're here to solve your business strategy mysteries.


Our program attracts high-caliber entrepreneurs with a desire to lead disruptive conversations in their industry around topics like artificial intelligence, entrepreneurship, and creating a positive community impact. We are group unlike any other and protect it as such.