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How To Make Running Your Business Feel Like Holding A Helium Balloon, Not A Ton of Bricks

March 28, 20233 min read

Have you ever felt like your business was crushing you? You ask yourself, “How am I supposed to keep this going? Get everything done? And (oh uh, by the way) not burnout in the process?”

Yeah. I have. (*See’s all entrepreneurs raise their hand in solidarity).

Last night, my husband Brock and I were talking about how we’ve made one of our businesses feel as “light as a helium balloon”.

See, we invest in rental properties as one of our streams of income. When we first thought about getting into rentals Brock was strongly opposed. He didn’t see a way of it being possible — there was too much mental load for him to carry (finding tenants, qualifying them, taking rent checks, what if something breaks, legalities, accounting, write offs, insurance, blah blah blah). He said he would rather just set the idea down and move on to something else. I on the other hand, was convinced it was not only possible — but it was the right move for our family. I also had no clue how to make it work, but I was committed and knew there was a way.

Fast forward three years and we don’t event THINK about that business, except maybe once a month (when we see the checks roll in). Literally my job in this business is to “receive checks” (ahem, thank you Brendon**…)

Here are the main components we think any business owner can apply to their own organization to help decrease the mental load and make it feel as light as a helium balloon, rather than like a crushing ton of bricks.

  1. The right team

  2. With the right focus

  3. Heading toward the right results

So here’s what we mean.

The right team.

We have a trusted team of rockstars including our real estate agent, property manager, finance guy, accountant, insurance agent, and outstanding tenants that all work together to make life easy for us. We were clear that we wanted the right people who we could trust to delegate the major workload to. And that alleviates most of our mental load.

The right focus.

In the context of our rental properties, the projects and “work” that our team is focused on is quite straightforward and simple. So to keep this relevant to a variety of businesses , focus to us means the right “work” at the right time. Work can look like projects and processes that make the operations of an organization run smoothly.

There are many systems in play that automate much of the work to be done, in our rental businesses as well as processes that we know will keep things running smoothly when/if hiccups arise.

When you have a team they must be focused on the highest priority work. That priority is driven by you (the leader), the results you desire, and the strategy you’ve chosen to get results. Which brings us to the next point.

The right results.

The results (or outcomes) you desire in business have a HUGE impact on how you create systems that lighten your mental load. Think of it this way, the only way to book a flight is to know which airport you’re leaving from, and which one you want to arrive at.

Knowing both, Point A: where you are, and Point B: where you want to be, allows you to build the “machine” (aka organization or systems of people, focus, and results) that will get you where you want to go.

Like any business concept there is so much nuance to this that it is hard to cover in a simple post like this. So if you’re into the nuances of the business of entrepreneurship, then I recommend you join me in my community. We are leaders who want to build rockstar teams that handle the business with you, and for you.

Brendon is our ROCKSTAR Property Manager who we highly recommend

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